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- Rubix type Cubes Intro -

The first cubes to hit the market were 3x3 cubes. For most of us, that is all we knew as they were the most popular. They were also released as a keychain which are fully functional. A variant was released with the edges cut off but is solved in the same way. One difference is if the cut edges are not ordered correctly, the last layer can not be solved. Download Solution
Rubix Cube - 3x3x3

This is a twist on the 3x3 cube called the Fisher cube. It is solved similar to the 3x3 just watch the sides with only one sticker.
Fisher Cuber

For those that easily solved the 3x3 cube, Rubix released the Rubix Revenge. Since it is an even amount of cubes per side, it is solved differently than the 3x3. Download Solution
Rubix Revenge - 4x4x4

Just when you thought that cubes could not get bigger, the 5x5 cubes gets released. Where does it end... Download Solution
Professor Cube - 5x5x5

The V-Cube raises the bar with a new internal design. This cube moves very smoothly. This 6x6 will probably be the maximum size that keeps the square design.

The V-Cube has a rounded design to make handling easier. The ShengShou maintains the square design with each layer rotating better than the V-Cube.

This is the largest sized V-Cube has produced. It has a rounded design to make handling easier. They claim to be able to make even larger designs but have yet to. VISIT THEIR SITE to see more and order one.

ShengShou pushes cube layers to another level with their 9x9x9. A very nice rotating puzzle.

Another ShengShou and another nice rotating puzzle.

Moyu is the only producer of a 13x13x13 and they did a beautiful job on it. It is the largest mass produced cube and a must have. Pick one up at CHAMPION CUBE STORE or browse their store for other puzzles.

This one is fun. You do not have to think much to solve it. Definately not as difficult as the 7x7x7

Some where in there, they were nice to those who could not solve any of the above cubes by releasing the Mini Cube - 2x2x2 cube. The Darth Maul brought two classic pieces of history together. Download Solution

Call this one a joke but it is still a must have. Any of your friends can solve this!

Someone came up with the brilliant idea of joining two cubes. This creates a challenge as the joining piece restricts movement of the 2 cubes. Download Solution
Bandaged/Siamese Cube

How many ways can a cube be cut up and work as a puzzle? Well, I think they are still trying to figure that one out. The Square-1 is unique where the center layer moves only one way. Download Solution

The Core cube adds the complexity of having to spin the center.
Core Cube

The Helicopter cube has you twisting the edges...and a full twist is not required. This puzzle will not stay square for long. Download Solution
Helicopter Cube

The edges spin on this one. It rotates nicely and is fun to play. Not a difficult puzzle.
Dino Cube

This is similar to the Dino cube above but with centers. Another fun puzzle that is challenging enough. It rotates nicely.
Rex Cube

This is a beautiful puzzle. It required a new core that allows it to rotate better which mine now does. Not a difficult puzzle to solve but fun.
Mosaic Cube

This is another corner turning puzzle also known as the Dino-Dodecahedron. With the corners being shallow, it takes a little effort to turn but is worth it.

Both these puzzle have a gear mechanism that makes pieces rotate. For the 3x3, the edges rotate where the Gear Shift (2x2), all 8 pieces rotate. The Gear Shift has an additional mechanism that allows you to pull the pieces away from each other and rotate 4 pieces at a time instead of all 8.

The Skweb is another example of of cutting up the pieces differently. Download Solution

The Skweb design was extended to cover a diamond shape.... Download Solution
Skewb Diamond

and again....but larger!
Skewb Mega Diamond

This is a 14 sided Hex Skewb that spins very nicely.
Skewb Hex

Another Skweb in the pentagon shape. Download Solution
Skewb Ultimate

This is part of the DaYan Gem Cube series.
Gem Cube 5

Keeping more inline with the original cube design, the pentagon shape was used again. Download Solution

And I thought the 7x7x7 was big. The puzzle needs to be lubed but as received, it spins poorly. If you buy one, have them place the stickers.

And I thought the 13x13x13 was big. The puzzle actually spins nicely considering. I skipped the Teraminx as I heard it did not rotate well.

This puzzle is well made but requires care when turning. Download Solution
Pyraminx Crystal

Moving away from cubes, some ball shapes have appeared. The Masterball has great significance to me as it was a gift from a great German friend. I have not seen this ball shape before or since. Download Impossiball Solution

This is a puzzle the wife had as a kid which needed to be added to the collection. Half of the ball does rotate allowing the rings to be separate or two joining loops.
Orb (Orb-it)

The pyramid shape came out in the 80's with the 3x3 cube and is one of the easier puzzles to solve. It was not as popular though as the 3x3 cube. Download Solution

This is a rip off of the Pyraminx above. The only difference is the missing corners. Download Solution

This a twist on the Pyraminx above where each face has a layer added on that rotates also!

And the pyramid desgn grows as the cubes did!
Master Pyraminx

This is the largest of the pyramid designs. It rotates nicely and is fun to play. Download Solution
Professor Pyraminx

This one solves like the Pyraminx above with a twist. It is a large puzzle and moves very easily. Download Solution
Jing's Pyraminx

These require for the corners to be solved then the centers which spin an extra notch when the corners are spun. The diamond adds a touch of complexity as there is a possiblity of a parity issue.

This is not as easy to solve as the Pyraminx. It will turn into different shapes. Download Solution
Mixed up

Another twist on the pyramid shape. This one will get into crazy shapes as it has more pieces than the Pyramorphix. Download Solution
Master Pyramorphinx
Mixed up

I am not sure why this one is called a cube. It rotates nicely and is a simply solve.
Jewel Cube

The Platypus has a very different feel than the other puzzles. It has 4 triangular faces that spin and 4 ends that spin. The center piece of each triangle has a color marking on the edge that should match the adjacent face. The movement of the ends is not smooth but do not let this deter you. This puzzle is well made and fun to figure out. Download Solution

My all time favorite is Alexander's Star. This puzzle looks very complicated but is much easier than it looks (so I think.) The "layers" are seen when looking straight down at the puzzle. You can see this in the white pieces in the picture. A must for all collections! Download Solution
Alexander Star

With cubes increasing layers, I had hoped for many years that the Alexander Star would increase in size. THANK YOU Very Puzzle for making my dream come true! This is similar to the Tuttminx below without the corners.
Super Star

Tying the favorite spot ,or perhaps a close second, comes the Dogic. This is a BEAUTIFUL puzzle and I love the construction. I purchased the Do-It-Yourself model and was intimated by how many pieces were in the package. It is actually much easier to assemble than it looks. Regardless, I had a ball putting it together! The colored pieces are molded in color; no stickers or glued pieces to deal with. The puzzle if very sturdy and it is relatively easy to spin the faces. A must for all collections! Download Solution

HERE for the step-by-step assembly guide.

How many faces can be put on a puzzle? These have 32! Both of these are the Tuttminx with different cuts. The straight cut puzzle has white mixed with black (Special Edition release) Another must for all collections! PICK ONE UP HERE or look at other offerings by Very Puzzle. Order with confidence.

How about 62 faces?!?! This is an incredible puzzle! Another beautiful puzzle by Very Puzzle. The photo does not represent the size well. This thing is BIG!
Void Truncated Icosidodecahedron

This does not really fit this collection but I remember playing it in the 80's.
Missing Link